Comfort Footwear

Wearing the right shoe with right fitting insole is essential for keeping your feet healthy, reducing foot related diseases, pain and discomfort.

We, at WELSO, uses imported Italian Foot Scanning Machine which is the most economical and efficient method to measure static / dynamic plantar foot pressure distribution. The foot scanner system produces instantaneous and permanent high resolution images of the pressure distribution across the plantar surface. Knowing your pressure distribution will allow us to understand foot issues you are having or get information on your arch. The foot pressure and arch analysis allows us to fit you with the correct insole which is custom-designed as per the foot scanning results.

We uses a 3 way scanning protocol, static scanning, dynamic scanning and 3D foot scanning to determine the best suited insole for you.

Static foot pressure determination:

This technique uses exclusive pressure mapping technology to capture plantar pressure data. By identifying areas of the foot that experience the most pressure, the machine can recommend orthotics and insoles best suited for you.

Dynamic gait pattern capture

This method defines the movement of your body and reads your walking behavior with the use of 2 cameras in the front and back. Data is acquired in several directions at once in just a few seconds to provide you with the best insert recommendation.

3D Laser Foot Scanner

The high quality 3D laser foot scanner obtains accurate 3D surface scans of a patient’s foot in less than few seconds. The 3D data recorded by the scanner is used with the Insole Design Software to produce custom orthotics and soft insoles.